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The average cost per HVAC system repair in the United States is over $200. It is also estimated that homeowners spend between 1 and 4 percent of their home's value on household repairs and maintenance. With such lofty repair costs, it can be useful to familiarize yourself with the process of troubleshooting and repairing your own heating and cooling system.

Typical problems that affect ICP heating and cooling systems

Here are some common problems you might face:

  • Water is leaking from your air conditioner—This could indicate that your ICP room air conditioner needs to be leveled. Ensure that the orientation of the air conditioner is positioned to that the back is slightly lower than the front so that condensate water drains outdoors.
  • Water is not draining from the air conditioner—This issue could stem from a clogged condensate drain. Carefully clean the base unit and clear the clog from the drain.
  • Air isn’t flowing from the supply registers of your ICP air handler—Your air handler will not blow air through the vents if the inlet air filter is clogged. Clean your air handler’s filter to clear the inlet air path.
  • Your heat pump does not start—Simply check the thermostat setting to ensure that it is set at the right temperature. If you believe the thermostat setting is fine, check the house circuit breaker for your heat pump.
  • Your humidifier is not draining—Your ICP humidifier will not drain if the drain line is clogged. Clear debris from the drain line so water drains from the collection tray.

If the solutions above do not restore your ICP appliance, it may be time to replace the parts.

Restore your ICP appliance with new parts

Below are some common ICP appliance parts that may need replacing in order to repair your equipment:

  • Air conditioner electronic control board—If the air conditioner is connected to a power supply but it does not run, then you may have to replace its electronic control board. Disconnect the power supply first. Then, pull out the filter and front grill panel and remove the control panel. Remove the outer case and install a new electronic control board.
  • Air conditioner control thermostat—If your air conditioner employs an electro-mechanical thermostat, then you may have to replace it. Install a new thermostat if the compressor and fans do not function properly.
  • Furnace burner igniter—Your ICP furnace won’t operate if its burner igniter is broken. Inspect the igniter and replace if you see cracks or damage.
  • Humidifier user interface control board—If the humidifier does not start but it has a functioning electronic control board, it may be useful to replace the user interface control board. This is especially advisable if the selection buttons do not respond to your input.

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