Official Western Auto parts

Western Auto offers a selection of products. Whether you have a bicycle, tiller, walk-behind lawn mower or riding mower, you want it to last for years. Luckily, when one of your products begins to malfunction, it can likely be fixed with a replacement part from Sears PartsDirect.

Common Western Auto product issues

  • Poor tilling—For optimal results when tilling, you want to make sure the soil isn't too dry but also not too moist. To check, grab the soil and assure you can roll it into a ball. If your tiller still isn’t up to par, it could be due to worn or broken tines, an old drive belt or a faulty transmission.
  • Walk-behind mower vibrates excessively—If your mower is vibrating too much, you may need to tighten your blade. Check to see if the blade is too loose, and then fix it by tightening the bolt. If your blade is fine, it could be an issue with your engine. Perform a tune-up to lessen vibrations.
  • Riding mower smokes—Smoke is often caused by a clogged air filter. When a filter is clogged, it prevents the right amount of air to mix with fuel and causes the engine to smoke. To fix this problem, clean or change your air filter.
  • Tractor won’t start—A tractor that won’t start can be caused by a faulty starter, bad spark plug or clogged carburetor. You can check your starter using an ohmmeter and a spark plug tester for your plugs. If they're faulty, you'll want to replace them. As for the carburetor, it may need to be cleaned to remove clogs.
  • Overheating—When a riding mower is overheating, it’s probably from clogged cooling fins. To solve this issue, you’ll need to clean out any dead grass or debris that may be hindering the engine from cooling.

Top five Western Auto bicycle parts

  1. Tube—The tube is a vital part of any bicycle. It holds in air to inflate your tires, which keep your bicycle in movement. Often, tubes can get holes or split. If this occurs, you'll need to replace the tube to continue using your bike.
  2. Chain derailleur—The derailleur is used to switch gears and keep your chain in place. If your chain is consistently falling off, then it could be due to a faulty derailleur.
  3. Frame—The frame is the main part of a bicycle. Building begins with a frame, and then wheels and other parts are placed onto it. Frame alignment is important for keeping a bicycle on track. Should you experience misalignment, you can opt to buy a new frame or repair it using hub spacers.
  4. Cog set—With the help of the derailleur, a cog set is used for setting the bicycle to a different gear. The derailleur moves the gears to a new cog, placing the bike into a new gear level. If your cog set is worn, you may experience gear slipping. To fix this, simply replace the cogs.
  5. Handlebar—The handlebars are the steering wheel of your bicycle. They're used to maintain position or switch directions. They're also used to support a rider’s weight. After rough use, handlebar grips can become gummy and cause uncomfortable riding. The best solution is to wrap them with new tape.