Model #WPDH8850J3WW Official GE washer

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Washer Drain Pump Assembly (replaces WH23X10026, WH23X10037)#249

Cabinet & top panel Diagram

In Stock
$181.46 | 
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Phone Price: $191.46
Washer Door Boot Spring Clamp, Outer#349

Tub & motor Diagram

Washer door boot spring clamp, outer

Part #WH01X10279
This item is not returnable
In Stock
$21.30 | 
19% OFF 
Phone Price: $26.30
Washer Drain Hose#274

Cabinet & top panel Diagram

Washer drain hose

Part #WH41X10127
In Stock
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Phone Price: $51.93
Washer Dispenser Drawer#135

Controls & dispenser Diagram

Washer dispenser drawer

Part #WH41X10185
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Phone Price: $77.59
Softener Ble#131

Controls & dispenser Diagram

Softener ble

Part #WH41X10181
In Stock
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Phone Price: $14.87
Siphon Pipe#128

Controls & dispenser Diagram

Siphon pipe

Part #WH41X10179
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$7.57 | 
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Phone Price: $8.57
Washer Drive Motor (replaces WH02X10214)#333

Tub & motor Diagram

In Stock
$333.79 | 
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Phone Price: $343.79
Washer Motor#327

Tub & motor Diagram

Washer motor

Part #WH02X10212
In Stock
$7.88 | 
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Phone Price: $8.88
Washer Door Lock#217

Front panel & door Diagram

Washer door lock

Part #WH10X10006
In Stock
$165.19 | 
$5.19 OFF 
Phone Price: $170.38
Washer Spin Basket#311

Tub & motor Diagram

Washer spin basket

Part #WH45X10081
Replaced by #WH45X10143
Manufacturer substitution
This part replaces WH45X10081. Substitute parts can look different from the original.
In Stock
$573.17 | 
$10.00 OFF 
Phone Price: $583.17

Symptoms common to all washers

Choose a symptom to see related washer repairs.

Main causes: unbalanced load, loose spanner nut, worn drive block, broken shock absorber or suspension spring, debris in drain pump
Main causes: lack of electrical power, wiring failure, bad power cord, electronic control board failure, bad user interface board
Main causes: leaky water inlet valve, faulty water-level pressure switch, bad electronic control board
Main causes: water heater failure, bad water temperature switch, faulty control board, bad water valve, faulty water temperature sensor
Main causes: broken lid switch or lid lock, bad pressure switch, broken shifter assembly, faulty control system
Main causes: clogged drain hose, house drain clogged, bad drain pump, water-level pressure switch failure, bad control board or timer
Main causes: worn agitator dogs, bad clutch, broken motor coupler, shifter assembly failure, broken door lock, suspension component failure
Main causes: no water supply, bad water valves, water-level pressure switch failure, control system failure, bad door lock or lid switch
Main causes: bad lid switch or door lock, bad timer or electronic control board, wiring failure, bad water inlet valve assembly

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