Official Edgestar parts

Your Edgestar appliances are complex pieces of machinery with a bunch of small parts that can fall prey to all sorts of mishaps that will leave you needing to figure out what's wrong and how to repair it. Edgestar appliances include dishwashers, refrigerators, dehumidifiers and washer/dryer combos. One reason these appliances are prone to malfunction is that they all have delicate electronics and deal with water. If a line breaks or a leak forms, then circuits will come into contact with moisture and short out. Here are some other ways in which these appliances commonly break down.

Some common problems with Edgestar appliances

  • If your dishwasher leaks water onto the floor while running its cycle, then it's most likely due to a bad door gasket. Check the gasket for signs of cracking or tearing. Alternatively, it could be because of a bad float switch allowing the dishwasher to overfill.
  • Refrigerators that are left running on a high setting for long periods of time will eventually burn out the motor or compressor and require a replacement.
  • The dehumidifier uses a refrigerant like Freon to cool air coming into it, which lets water condense on the evaporator. If a line is leaking or the unit is older, then the Freon may be low or out.
  • Laundry centers that are often overloaded can see the drive belt wearing out prematurely or the motor getting worn out and failing.

Replacing the belt on your Edgestar laundry center

The first step to replacing the drive belt on your washer/dryer combo is to unplug the machine. Next, loosen the screws on the rear panel of the appliance and remove it. Remove the old belt and place the new one around the motor. Work the belt onto the drum’s drive pulley. Finally, replace the back panel and plug the machine back in.