Official DCS parts

The average life span of a DCS dishwasher is somewhere between 7 and 12 years, depending on how frequently it's used. With a little maintenance and care, you can make sure your DCS appliance keeps running smoothly.

Common problems with DCS appliances

  • The DCS cooktop won’t turn on—First, check the power source. Make sure the cooktop is plugged in, the circuit breaker is flipped on and the outlet is working. If the power supply is working, the stove’s control board may have failed and needs to be replaced.
  • The DCS oven is baking unevenly—Uneven baking is usually caused by a damaged bake or broil element. A functioning heating element will glow red. If it does not, unplug the range then inspect the element for any visible damage like breaks, cracks or blisters. Replace any damaged elements.
  • The DCS refrigerator doesn’t stay cold—A warm refrigerator can be caused by anything from dirty condenser coils to a defrost system failure. Check the coils at the bottom or back of the refrigerator for dust or pet hair clogs and clean the coils if dirty. If the freezer fan is running but large amounts of frost are building up, you may need to replace the defrost timer, defrost heater or defrost bi-metal thermostat.

How to fix a DCS dishwasher that doesn’t clean well

If your dishwasher no longer gets your dishes clean, try these simple repair steps before you invest in a new appliance.

  • Clean food and debris out of the dishwasher filter.
  • Make sure the float switch located near the filter moves up and down. If not, it may be stuck and not allowing the dishwasher to fill properly.
  • Check the water inlet valve behind the front kick plate for clogs or defects.
  • Clean the spray arm to make sure the openings are not clogged.
  • Make sure you aren’t overloading the dishwasher. A tightly packed load will make it harder for water to properly circulate and clean every dish.