Official TEAC parts

TEAC offers a variety of audio and video equipment to enhance any home entertainment experience, including amplifiers, speakers, CD players, turntables and VCRs. These products are sophisticated pieces of machinery relying on both electronic and mechanical parts to work properly. Variances in room temperature, accidents, power surges and normal wear and tear can leave your equipment non-operational.

Repair issues with audio and video equipment

To help troubleshoot and repair your TEAC equipment, here are some of the common issues.

  • Turntable—Significant speed variations not only make the record unlistenable but can affect the record and the turntable. Some common causes of speed variation include changes in room temperature, low bearing oil, belt tension, an unlevel surface under the turntable or a problem with the transistors.
  • CD players—Perhaps the most common problem for a CD player is either not reading the disc or skipping tracks. One possibility is that the disc is dirty while the other is that the heads are dirty or misaligned.
  • Speakers—If the sound stops coming from your speakers, the wire or other cords behind the stereo system could be loose or damaged. The speaker might have been damaged from overuse or excessive volume.
  • Amplifier—The most common problem with amplifiers is overheating. Overheating generally happens from overuse or keeping the levels at their maximum, but it can also occur if your amplifier lacks enough space around it. Most amplifiers are equipped with a shut-off switch if they are too hot, but electrical damage can still occur.

Checking your speakers for damage

If your speakers aren't producing sound, first check that all the wires and cords are firmly in place and not damaged. Second, take off the grille and examine the speaker for signs of damage, such as holes or tears in both the speaker and rubber mounting.