Official Yard-Man parts

Yard-Man manufactures a wide range of lawn equipment, including riding and push mowers, lawn sweepers, edgers, chippers and shredders, snow removal equipment and cultivators. With proper maintenance and upkeep, you can expect to enjoy the capabilities these lawn machines have to offer for many years to come. For example, the average lawn mower can deliver eight to 10 years of use when cared for as recommended.

Get your Yard-Man lawn equipment back on track with these tips

  • Replace the filters on your lawn equipment if they're equipped. The air filter, oil filter and fuel filter aid in protecting the motor of the machine.
  • Change the spark plugs in your lawn equipment annually to ensure that your machines aren't misfiring, which can lead to higher fuel consumption and cause the engine to run harder.
  • If your lawn machine is making a squeaking or squealing noise, inspect the belts for cracks or dry rot. Refer to your owner's manual for the lawn equipment to see how often the belts should be replaced for your specific make and model of machine.
  • Tighten the cables that are installed on your lawn equipment regularly. These cables provide accurate functioning and safety for the equipment and user.
  • If you notice that your lawn mower cut grass unevenly, inspect the blades to ensure they're sharp and secured properly in place. Make sure the machine is off and utilize any safety practices for ensuring the machine can't be started when servicing the blades.

Five lawn equipment parts that may need to be replaced

  1. Filters—Most lawn equipment has one or more types of filters. These can include air filters, oil filters and fuel filters. The purpose of these parts is to remove any impurities that would otherwise get pulled into the engine. While you'll find filters that are reusable and require just a simple spray from a garden hose to clean, there are times when it's necessary to replace the filter all together.
  2. Belts—Lawn equipment, such as walk-behind mowers, riding lawn mowers and sweepers, has belts that drive the blades or other components on the equipment. These belts get a workout during normal use. Belts need to be replaced when you see cracking or excessive wear.
  3. Power switch—There's often a power switch on lawn equipment that gives you the capability to turn the machine on and off as needed. Over time, the power switch can develop loose wires or springs. Should this occur, it's best to replace the power switch for safety, to prevent the machine from powering on during maintenance or when being stored.
  4. Cables—Many of the lawn equipment products that Yard-Man manufactures, such as cultivators and snowblowers, utilize a cable for controlling the speed, throttle levels and positioning. It's important to inspect cables for damage or wear that would require replacement or repair.
  5. Spark plugs—Spark plugs are necessary parts for different types of lawn equipment. These components deliver the spark that ignites fuel in the cylinder. Spark plugs can be replaced quickly to ensure that your machine is operating efficiently.

Ordering replacement parts for your Yard-Man lawn equipment

Regardless of the specific type of Yard-Man lawn equipment you depend on for providing the ability to create a clean and well-manicured lawn, you'll always find the parts you need at Sears PartsDirect. Our customer care representatives are available to help you locate the replacement parts you need to get your machine back in tip-top shape.