Official Singer parts

Singer manufactures sewing machines and upright vacuum cleaners. Popular upright vacuum models include the SS-300A and the SS-1600. For sewing machines, the XL-6000 and the CE-350 are popular choices. Due to the heavy use of these items, sometimes a part will need to be repaired or replaced in order to get your equipment functioning correctly again.

Troubleshooting tips for your Singer equipment

If you need to replace a part on your Singer product, consult the owner's manual so you have the correct model number. Here are a few common parts that you can find inside Singer upright vacuum cleaners and sewing machines that may need to be repaired or replaced.

Six common parts in Singer products

  1. Brush roller—Also known as the power brush, the brush roller is lined with bristles and spins at a high speed along the floor to remove dirt and debris. Regularly cleaning out the brush roller can keep it from getting clogged.
  2. Drive belt—The drive belt in a vacuum cleaner connects the drive motor pulley to the brush roller. If the drive belt is worn, it may not spin the brush roller effectively and may break, and it will need to be replaced.
  3. Suction motor—This motor has a fan that spins, which creates the suction needed to suck up dirt from the carpet. If the vacuum has poor suction or no suction at all, then the suction motor may be faulty and should be replaced with a new one.
  4. Sewing machine motor—The motor on a sewing machine spins the drive belt to operate the sewing machine. If the sewing machine is running slowly or not at all, then it may be due to a faulty motor.
  5. Sewing machine drive belt—The drive belt on a sewing machine attaches to the motor and spins the hand wheel and upper shaft. A loose belt may spin slowly or cause it to break.
  6. Power cord—The power cord supplies electricity to the motor on a sewing machine. If the prongs on the male end of the cord are loose or break, the machine won't get power. Similarly, loose wires inside the housing can cause a lack of power. If the wires can't be reattached, then the cord will need to be replaced.

Ordering replacement parts for your Singer products

Ordering replacement parts for your Singer upright vacuum or sewing machine is easy to do with Sears PartsDirect. You can enter the model number of your product into the search bar to find a list of compatible products, or you can browse by category to find what you're looking for if you don't have the model number available.

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