Official Tecumseh parts

Tecumseh makes a wide range of durable lawn & garden equipment engines, but even the best engines can have problems every now and then. Save money by repairing your Tecumseh engine yourself with replacement parts from Sears PartsDirect.

Safety tips when working on a Tecumseh lawn & garden equipment engine

You can maintainlawn & garden equipment engines yourself, but remember that your safety always comes first. Whether you're doing some routine service work on your Tecumseh engine or replacing a faulty part, there are a few easy tips to remember to safely carry out your tasks.

  • Understand the owner's manual before starting any work. Familiarize yourself with any diagrams and parts listings so you can confidently put everything back the right way.
  • When working on the engine, disconnect the spark plug to prevent the engine from accidentally starting.
  • Always wear eye protection so that oil, gas or other irritants don't get in your eyes.
  • If you're working under a riding mower, don't use a homemade lift or ramps to elevate the mower.

Possible repairs

  • Starter motor—When you turn the key in the ignition of a riding mower, the starter motor spins the flywheel that starts the engine.
  • Carburetor—The carburetor mixes the right amount of fuel and air to create a combustible mixture for ignition in the engine cylinder. Clean or replace the carburetor if it’s not providing the cylinder with the right fuel mixture.
  • Recoil starter—The recoil starter spins the flywheel to start the engine on a walk-behind lawn mower when you pull the starter rope. If the starter rope doesn’t retract or the recoil starter doesn’t spin the engine, you may need to replace the recoil starter.
  • Air filter—The air filter is an essential part of the fuel supply system. A dirty air filter won’t allow enough air to flow through the carburetor and into the engine cylinder. Clean or replace the air filter if it’s dirty.