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West Bend manufactures electric woks and frying pans as well as air-pop or kettle-style popcorn poppers. Sear PartsDirect also has replacement parts for West Bend rowers and exercise cycles. Every so often, these appliances and this exercise equipment will require maintenance or repairs to ensure they are functioning properly.

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Common problems with West Bend products

If you want to enjoy healthy meals and get a good workout, look out for these common problems.

  1. Frying pans, woks and popcorn makers—West Bend appliances are known for their longevity, and the company has created an appliance line called Lifetime. There are loyal owners who report using their frying pans, woks and popcorn makers for 20 years or more. The most common issues with these items involve cracked bowl or lid handles, which are easy to swap out.
  2. Exercise equipment—Exercise bikes and rowing machines have a lot of parts that can wear down. Parts like cables and pedals that may need replacement from time to time. Always inspect your equipment for loose or missing screws, seats and foot rests before operation for your own safety. Also, be sure to replace missing parts as needed.

Troubleshooting specific West Bend product issues

  1. Power problems—Occasionally, your appliance won't heat up or turn on. The problem is usually due to a worn heating element or power cord. If the heating element or power port for the appliance is exposed, then there could be a buildup of kitchen grease that's blocking the circuit. Cleaning the part could help remove the residue. If this fails to solve the problem, then discontinue use. All West Bend appliances have removable power cords and heating elements that can be purchased separately from other replacement parts.
  2. Peeling non-stick surface—The West Bend Stir Crazy popcorn popper and several models of the electric frying pans have non-stick surfaces for healthier cooking. However, the non-stick surface can begin to peel or flake on some models. This is usually due to using metal utensils or improper cleaning.
    Neither the popcorn poppers nor the electric frying pans should be submerged in water. Only utensils and sponges that are safe for non-stick surfaces should be used with these products. They can be cleaned by wiping the interior with a damp cloth, and they should periodically be cleaned well with a cloth dipped in warm, soapy water to remove greasy residue. Appliances with deteriorating surfaces should be replaced.
  3. Rowing machine cables—Occasionally, the line for the rowing machine becomes slack and doesn't offer any resistance. If this is the case, the nut located on the main wheel in the front of the machine may need to be turned to tighten the cable to the required tautness. Don't try to tighten from the seat side as this may loosen the seat. If the cables become brittle, they may need replacement.
  4. Bushings—The exercise bicycle, model #7200, and rowing machine, model #5100, contain bushings and/or bearings to ensure smooth operation. They should be kept free of dust and debris and lubricated periodically with a silicone-based lubricant. If these ever need to be replaced, then just look for the appropriate bushing replacement parts.

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Sears PartsDirect is proud to carry West Bend replacement parts. No matter what appliance or excersise equipment model you have, Sears PartsDirect can help.