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At some point, you're likely to encounter problems with your Skil power tools. Fortunately, many of these issues can often be corrected with replacement parts that are readily available.

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Troubleshooting problems with Skil power tools

  1. Power saw isn't cutting straight—This could indicate that the saw blade isn’t aligned properly or that the blade is dull. Inspect the saw blade to ensure it's tight and aligned correctly. Replace the blade if it’s dull.
  2. Belt sander is running hot—While it's suggested that belt sanders are packed with grease that will last throughout their life, with continued use and age, the grease can break down. You can open the gear train box of the belt sander and clean away the old grease. Lubricate the gears with new grease, ensuring that the teeth gaps are filled.
  3. Power is lost while using power drill—This is often a problem with the power cord or worn brushes inside of the tool. You can install a replacement cord or clean the brushes inside of the drill. Try powering on the drill to ensure that this corrects the problem.
  4. Electric screwdriver runs out of power quickly—The most common cause for electric screwdrivers to stop working is built-up dirt and grime around the copper armature connectors. Clean this dirt and grime away with a clean cloth. This should return the power levels to normal.

Five common replacement parts for Skil circular saws

A circular saw increases your capabilities when completing all types of projects around the workplace or at home. With the ability to install different types of blades, you can cut wood, metal, cement and other types of materials. There are some replacement parts that you'll want to be familiar with should you need to make repairs.

  1. Motor—The motor of a circular saw drives the blade and controls blade speed. Replace the motor if it doesn’t run.
  2. Fan—A built-in fan allows for the motor and blade of the circular saw to be cooled down during use. This prevents the tool from overheating and causing damage to other components within the saw.
  3. Ball bearings—These components support the blade’s drive shaft while allowing the shaft to spin freely. Replace worn bearings to keep the saw operating properly.
  4. Handle cover—The handle cover protects the user’s hand from being injured during operation of the circular saw. These covers can become damaged during continued use or stripped out over time.
  5. Circular saw blade bolt—The circular saw blade bolt is responsible for securing the blade in place. These blade bolts can strip out or become lost through normal use.

Locating the Skil replacement parts you need at Sears PartsDirect

Skil power tools are built to handle years of industrial, commercial and personal use. Taking on these tough jobs does mean that you may need to make occasional repairs to these handy tools. Using Sears PartsDirect puts you in a position to find the right replacement parts for your specific model of Skil power tool.