February 15, 2018

Prep your AC for summer video

By Sears PartsDirect staff
Prep your AC for summer.

Your air conditioner works hard during the summer to keep you cool. From cleaning the condenser coils to checking the insulation on the coolant lines and replacing the air filter, this video shows how to help your AC run at its best when summer's heat is at its worst.

Follow this AC maintenance checklist before turning on your air conditioner for the season to avoid harming your HVAC system.

Clean the condenser coils

Cleaning the condenser coils makes it easier for the air conditioner to remove heat from the air, which also helps the condenser use less energy. Ideally, take care of this job before air-conditioning season starts.

Check the insulation on the coolant line

A coolant pipe connects the evaporator on the air handler to the condenser outside. If the foam insulation that covers the line is torn, replace the insulation.

Shut off the furnace humidifier

Your air conditioner helps keep you cool by removing humidity from your house—so you definitely don’t want the humidifier attached to your furnace to be pumping moisture into the air. If your furnace is equipped with a humidifier, turn off the humidifier.

Check the fan

Turn the thermostat fan switch to On. If you don’t hear the fan kick on, call for service.

Replace the air filter

At the start of cooling season, check the air filter in the furnace and replace it if it’s dirty.

Something not working right? Need help getting your AC ready for warm weather? Keep your cool and let our experts handle it, schedule your appointment today. Call (877) 496-8746 to have the experts at Sears check, fix or replace your HVAC.

Symptoms for window air conditioners

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Main causes: dirty air filter, air conditioner is too small for the room, temperature set too cold, control failure
Main causes: lack of electrical power, bad electronic control board, wiring failure, bad temperature sensor
Main causes: bad compressor, lack of refrigerant, bad compressor start relay, electronic control board failure
Main causes: turning the air conditioner off and the back on too quickly, dirty or restricted condenser coil, compressor failure
Main causes: clogged condensate drain, air conditioner not leveled properly, leaky window air seals
Main causes: clogged drain hole, air conditioner not leveled properly
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