Official Ikea parts

Everyone deals with broken appliances sooner or later. However, some appliances, such as the dishwasher, stove, refrigerator or microwave, are more important to daily life than others. Fortunately, you can use genuine Ikea parts to repair many of your Ikea appliances from home.

Repair parts for your Ikea dishwasher

The main parts of the dishwasher that sometimes require repair are often associated with the dish racks, dispensers, door components, insulation and other accessories. You may also have to fix the spray arms, the wiring and electrical components or the pumps and plumbing. Common repair issues include dishwashers making loud noises, not draining, not starting, leaking, not cleaning and stopping mid-cycle.

Another typical repair issue is having a dishwasher that won't fill when you press start. The first step is to check if the water supply cut-off valve is open. It might only be an object or debris preventing the overfill float from moving about, or you may have to actually replace some parts, including the water inlet valve, the overfloat switch, the dishwasher control panel, the electronic control board or the dishwasher timer.

Parts for your Ikea refrigerator

Some of the different types of parts that can be replaced on refrigerators include compressors, exterior panels and doors, gaskets, user controls, buttons and water filters. It's likely you might have to replace one of the components of the ice and water system as well. The parts and repairs needed may vary depending on whether you have a bottom freezer, side-by-side freezer or top freezer refrigerator.

The most common problems with refrigerators are the ice maker not producing ice and water collecting beneath the crisper drawers. An ice maker might not be making ice due to a dirty water filter, being jammed, a kinked water line or bad parts. You may have to replace the water inlet valve, the water system tubing or the entire ice maker. Water under the crisper drawers might be remedied by replacing water system tubing or the defrost drain tube.

Ikea parts for cooking repairs

Cooking repairs are often related to the microwave, the range, the range hood or the wall oven. The parts you need may depend on whether the appliance is designed for electric, gas or an electric-gas combo.

Some malfunctions with a wall oven might include it not turning on, the door not unlocking, not broiling and not heating at all. When the oven won't bake, you might have to replace the thermal switch, the burner igniter, the control thermostat or the bake element.

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