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Ducane manufactures furnaces that keep your house warm during the coldest of winters. If your Ducane furnace isn't heating as it should, you'll likely need to replace parts. Sears PartsDirect has the Ducane parts you need to fix any furnace failure.

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Common Ducane replacement parts

• Heating element. Electric Ducane furnaces use a coil heating element to heat the air in your home. When a coil inside the heating element breaks, the furnace won't heat and a house circuit breaker will trip if the broken element coil shorts to metal inside the furnace. • Gas control valve. The gas control valve supplies gas to the burner when safety sensors indicate that it's safe to ignite the burner. • Wall control thermostat. The wall control thermostat detects the temperature inside your home and cycles the furnace on and off to maintain the set temperature. • Air filter. The furnace air filter removes dust and other particles from the air circulating through your home as the furnace runs.

How to fix your Ducane furnace when it won't turn on

Check the house circuit breaker for the furnace. Reset the circuit breaker if it’s tripped. Many Ducane gas furnaces have a cut-out switch that looks like a regular light switch located on or beside the furnace that shuts off electrical power to the furnace. Make sure that this cut-off switch is turned on. Low air flow can also prevent a gas furnace from working, so check the air filter and replace the filter if It’s clogged with lint. Check the pilot light if your Ducane gas furnace uses one to ignite the gas. Light the pilot if it’s out.