Official Haier parts

Haier appliances can last a decade or even more. Replacing a few worn parts over the lifetime of the unit can make it operate like new for years to come.

Solutions to common problems with dryers, freezers, beverage coolers and more

If you've been troubleshooting your Haier products, then you might run into one of the following issues:

  1. Your Haier dryer stops mid-cycle before it finishes the load—Haier dryers have a safety catch on the inside of the door that makes sure the dryer is shut before it turns the tumbler on. Find the catch on the inside of the door or at the top of the indentation it fits into. You should hear it catch when you shut the door. If it doesn't latch on properly or if it looks broken, then replacing it will allow your dryer to complete cycles again.
  2. Your Haier freezer runs intermittently and makes a clicking noise—Start relay circuits provide power to the compressor, and they won't be able to stay on reliably if they've worn out over time. Replacing the start relay will ensure that the compressor stays on the whole time and prevent any clicking noises your freezer might make.
  3. Your Haier beverage cooler won't stay cold—Check the thermostat to make sure you set it properly. If it doesn't stay cold at any setting, then replace the thermostat and the cooler should work properly again.
  4. Your Haier countertop microwave won't heat food—If your microwave seems to work fine but takes longer than expected to heat up food, the magnetron may be going bad.

Troubleshooting Haier air conditioner units

Simple issues like worn filters and faulty thermistors can stop an air conditioner from running, but you might also end up running into something more serious from time to time, like a failed electronic control board. If you can't seem to find out what part might have malfunctioned on your Haier air conditioner, you may have issues with one of these components:

  1. Thermistor—While an air conditioner might have several temperature sensors, the one that usually causes issues is attached to the evaporator. When this part fails, the air conditioner can’t detect excessive frost on the evaporator fins.
  2. Filters—An air filter is nothing more than a thin piece of mesh or fiber that captures debris and prevents it from coming into your home through the stream of air ejected out of the vents on the unit. While the filters used on Haier room and window units are quite small, they're very easy and inexpensive to replace.
  3. Electronic control board—Sometimes, the evaporator fins on AC units ice up. If your filter is good, the evaporator thermistor works and the unit is the right size for the room, replacing the electronic control board may fix the issue.