Official Echo parts

Echo tools are popular among homeowners who want to keep their landscapes in pristine condition. While these tools are powerful and effective, they can sometimes experience wear and tear or damage, resulting in parts needing to be repaired or replaced. The components within the tools that require replacement most often are the ones used continuously while the tool is running.

Issues that could occur with your leaf blower

  • It's running rough—If the gas in the tank hasn't been replaced for several months, this could cause problems with the blower running roughly. Put in a fresh tank of gas. Another problem could be clogged jets inside of the carburetor. If you've troubleshooted problems and all other parts of the blower appear to be fine, you may need to replace the carburetor.
  • Smoke is coming from the engine—This could happen if you've mixed too much 2-cycle oil with the gasoline. Refer to the owner's manual so that you know the proper ratio for mixing 2-cycle oil with gas. Engine smoking could also be caused by a dirty air filter. Clean the filter if this is the case.
  • The blower is leaking gas—You'll first want to move the blower to an area that is well-ventilated. Then, look for any cracks in the fuel line. If the fuel lines are leaking fuel, they will need to be replaced.
  • The blower is vibrating excessively—Check the fan blade as a damaged one can cause the blower to vibrate excessively. If the fan blade is damaged, it will need to be replaced.
  • The blower won't start—First, check for things like old gas in the tank, a dirty air filter, cracked fuel lines and corrosion on the spark plug. If these appear OK, the issue may be with a bad carburetor, which will need to be replaced.

Five parts that often need repair or replacement

  • Fuel system parts—O-rings, gas tanks and fuel filters are subject to damage through contact with fuel. Filters fill with debris and must be removed and replaced. O-rings corrode over time and can crack, resulting in leaks. Gas tanks can also corrode and leak.
  • The moving parts—Lawn edger blades, chainsaw drive sprockets and line trimmer rotators sustain a lot of wear and tear and often need to be replaced.
  • Safety pieces—Every device throws debris, and each tool has a flap or other part that gives debris a direction to go. The impact of debris chews at these parts and eventually breaks through, causing a safety issue.
  • Handles—Every Echo landscaping tool uses handles for guidance purposes. These parts develop cracks over time, which may cause injury to the person holding on to the handle.
  • Screws and other clasps—Whenever replacing a part, the screws and clasps holding the part in place can disappear or be damaged. Always order new screws and clasps for the part you're replacing, and use the new holders to ensure strength.