Official Garland parts

Garland produces a variety of appliances in different sizes to accommodate a range of kitchen designs. These products are constructed using electronic parts and heating components that could break down or malfunction if given enough time or the right conditions.

Issues that can affect your ability to cook meals

  • Cooking range surface burner won't light—If your range surface burner won't ignite, there are a few possible problems to consider. First, if the problem is limited to only one of the burners, listen for ticking when you turn the control knob to light the burner. If you hear ticking then the ignition switch behind the burner knob is likely okay. Check the igniter electrode on that burner for deposits that may be keeping the electrode from sparking. If the igniter is clean, then you may need to replace the igniter. If you don’t hear ticking when you turn the knob to light the burner, then the ignition switch for that burner likely needs to be replaced. If none of the surface burners ignite, then you may need to replace the spark module.
  • Bake burner won’t light—Check to see if the igniter glows when you set the oven to bake. If the igniter doesn’t glow, then you may have a faulty oven control thermostat. If the igniter glows, then a weak igniter is likely preventing the bake burner from igniting.
  • No gas reaches the oven or surface burners—If you try to light the surface burners with a match but they won’t light, then check the gas supply going to the range or cooktop. Make sure the gas shutoff valve if fully open. If the gas shutoff valve is open and gas reaches the back of the range, then a failed pressure regulator inside the range may be preventing gas from flowing to the oven and surface burners. Replace the pressure regulator if it’s broken.
  • Cooktop burners spark constantly—A stuck ignition switch on one of the burners is likely causing the surface burners to spark constantly. Find and replace the faulty ignition switch.
  • Range has no power—Check the electrical outlet to make sure it has power by plugging another device into the outlet. If the outlet has power, check the power cord for damage. Replace the power cord if it’s damaged.