Official Honeywell parts

Honeywell has become a well-known maker of air purifiers, humidifiers and UV lamps for your home. While these products are built to perform well, it may be necessary to provide repair and maintenance to keep them running smoothly. With proper servicing, it's not unrealistic to get many years of use out of your products. For example, a Honeywell humidifier used regularly can last an average of 3-5 years when cleaned and kept in good operating order.

Simple tricks to keep your Honeywell appliances running smooth


  • Clean the humidifier daily by emptying out the water holding tank and rinsing with hot water prior to refilling it.
  • Sanitize the water holding tank every seven days by filling the water holding tank with a solution containing half water and half vinegar. This can help remove any sediment and scales left behind from operation.

UV lights:

  • Inspect the bulb of your UV lamp each month. It's important to inspect the bulb through the lamp light indicator located on the lamp handle. Not doing so can cause irreversible eye damage.
  • Clean the bulb of your UV light four times a year. This will help prevent the need for premature replacement.

Air purifiers:

  • Change the filter of your air purifier every 6-12 months. This will prevent the machine from working harder due to debris buildup and lack of proper air flow.

Five Honeywell parts that can sometimes need replacing

  1. Air purifier cell handle—The cell handle is commonly referred to as the access cover. The test button for your air purifier is located on the cell handle, providing you the ability to test the unit for proper operation. Over time, these cell handles can become damaged due to removal.
  2. Air purifier fan—The fan circulates air through the filter. Due to normal use, the purifier fan can wear out or become sluggish in its performance. Replace the fan if it doesn’t move air through the filter properly.
  3. Humidifier control board—Also known as the control circuit, the humidifier control board controls the operation of the fan located within your unit. The control can encounter issues such as a closed short in the low voltage area of the board. Should this type of issue occur, the humidifier will run continuously without shutting off or will fail to operate at all.
  4. Humidifier air filter—The filter collects the impurities passing through the unit so that they don't build up in the motor or fan. While many different models of the Honeywell humidifiers have washable filters, it may become necessary to replace these parts if the fins become clogged or damaged.
  5. UV bulb handle assembly—The handle assembly holds the UV bulb in place within a Honeywell UV air filtration system. These assemblies can become damaged due to normal wear or heat that they're exposed to within the unit themselves.