Official JVC parts

The audio and video equipment made by JVC is designed to give customers a high-quality media experience, but even the best-designed products can suffer malfunctions from faulty or defective parts.

Some common problems with audio and video equipment

Take your stereo, for example—if the audio stops working, there are a few different potential causes. The problem could lie in a blown-out speaker or a frayed speaker wire. Lack of audio can also be caused by burned-out circuitry in the receiver or even something as simple as a loose cord.

If your television screen goes black while you're watching a show, it could indicate something easily remedied, like the power cord came out, Or, it may signal a blown fuse requiring opening the power box that contains the transformer.

The lens in your DVD player can become dirty or even scratched from dust, dirt and other debris that is transferred into the player from the disc. These and other problems are easily diagnosable and completely repairable given the right tools and parts.

Diagnosing problems with your audio system

When the speakers on your JVC stereo system stop pumping out music, there is a straightforward method you can use to detect where the problem is originating. The first thing to check is the wires and cords connecting all your stereo components together. Make sure all the connections are plugged in tight and inspect for signs of rips, tears or fraying that could cut off connectivity.

If the wires and cords check out, the next thing you should examine is the speakers. If one or more of the speakers have blown out from being played at excessive volumes or normal wear and tear, then there should be noticeable damage to the outer rim of the speaker. You can take off the front speaker grille to examine it for any signs of damage.

Finding your repair parts through Sears PartsDirect

Finding the parts you need to repair your JVC equipment is simple. Type the model number of your broken item into the search box above for a listing of repair parts available. If you don't happen to have the model number, you can use the category listings to narrow down your search.