Official Daewoo parts

Daewoo repair parts from Sears PartsDirect help you keep your equipment in top shape. Don't let a Daewoo television failure get you down. Find the replacement parts you need and get your television working again in no time.

Common Daewoo parts that need replacing

  • Television screen—When the television screen gets damaged or produces a distorted picture, unplug the television and replace the screen.
  • Speakers—Speaker damage almost always comes as the result of playing music too loud or for too long. Garbled noise, popping and a lack of sound are indicators that the speakers are blown.
  • Power cord—If your equipment won't power up, check the power cord. Replace the power cord if it's frayed or damaged.
  • Power control board—If your Daewoo equipment won't power up even through the outlet cord is good, you may need to replace the power control board.