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Xerox is one of the oldest companies in the photocopier industry and offers a wide variety of machines geared toward commercial operation as well as those for home use. Regardless of the size of the machine, they're made with a lot of small moving parts that can wear out and break down over time.

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Troubleshooting problems with your copier

To help you troubleshoot your Xerox copier issues so that you can make the necessary repairs, here's a list of some of the more frequent problems.

  • If your copier is taking too long to print copies, then you can fix that by changing some software settings. There should be a setting for "Quality" that you can turn to low. Also, if you don't need color copies, then change the setting to black and white only so that the copier doesn't look for color differences in the original.
  • Paper jams are a common issue and can be caused by a few things. There could be a problem with the rollers that feed the paper through the machine, the feeder that pushes the paper into the machine may be broken or a foreign object might be in the paper path and causing a jam.
  • Lines on the paper can be caused by the drum or developer unit malfunctioning, the drum blade breaking or foreign matter on the scanner glass.
  • Copies that are either too light or too dark can be caused by the ink cartridges being low on ink or being the wrong type for your copier model. The problem can also arise if someone changes the density controls in the copier's settings.
  • If you're having problems with people receiving garbled or dirty-looking copies through fax, then it's most likely a transmission issue, which can be caused by a telephone line being loose in the connector or software problems.

How to replace broken or cracked scanner glass

First, remove the plastic lining that holds the scanner glass into place by loosening all the screws keeping it secure. You may have to remove the upper scanner lid depending on your copier model. Next, remove any pieces of broken glass or other debris that might be in the vicinity. Install the new piece of glass and replace the plastic lining. Finally, replace the upper scanner lid if it was necessary to remove it to make the repair.

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Figuring out what problem ails your copier is only half the battle. Now, you need to fix it. To get the parts you need to make the repair, simply type the model number of your Xerox copier into the search field at the top of the screen. In case you don't have the model number handy, there's also a listing of products and manufacturers that can help you narrow down your search.