Official RCA parts

RCA offers a number of electronic devices, including dryers, stereos, refrigerators and televisions, to name a few. These products require a lot of different parts to interact in order to keep them operating correctly. Not only are there are a lot of interacting components, but there are also complex combinations of electronic and mechanical parts that can break down over time.

Common issues that occur with RCA equipment

  • Dryers will sometimes start and run a cycle normally, but no heat will be generated to dry the clothes. There are a number of reasons for this occurrence, but some of the most common include a faulty thermostat, a bad fuse or worn-out heating coils.
  • If your television screen has gone black, even though the unit turns on, then it could be something simple like a faulty or frayed HDMI cable, audio/video cable or coaxial line. However, if all the lines are intact and connected properly, then it could be an issue with the television panel or the circuit board.
  • Your stereo can stop playing audio for a number of reasons. As with the television, there may be a faulty cord somewhere in the back of the system. There might also be a blown-out speaker or something wrong with the electronics inside the receiver.
  • A common refrigerator problem is having water pool up on the floor underneath the fridge. This can be caused by food particles and other debris building up in the defrost drain hose, which causes ice buildup and, eventually, water escaping through the refrigerator onto the floor.
  • If your DVD player won't read a disc, there's most likely dust and debris built up on the lens case, which blocks the laser from an accurate read.

Checking your speakers for problems

If you suspect that your speakers are malfunctioning, start by taking off the grill to examine the speaker for rips and tears. If the speaker looks okay, take off the back case and attach a 9-volt battery to the leads. If it makes a popping noise, the speaker is operational.