Official Oster parts

While Oster products are built to last, sometimes complications can occur with Oster crepe makers, electric juicers and juicer extractors. Fortunately, most of these complications are small and simply require a re-adjustment of a part to correct the issue. For more complex problems, you may need to replace a part.

Troubleshooting tips for your Oster crepe maker

  • If your crepes slip off the machine before they're fully cooked, it may be because your crepe maker is losing heat. Take a few minutes to allow your crepe maker to reheat in the middle of cooking a stack of crepes.
  • If your indicator light isn't properly gauging the temperature, you might need to purchase a new thermostat for your crepe maker.
  • If your batter is sticking to the crepe maker, it's because the machine isn't hot enough. Your machine should be heated to 430 or 450 degrees for crepes to cook properly.
  • Crepe batter that bubbles when poured on the crepe maker usually means you've put too much oil on the griddle. You don't have to oil your crepe maker between every crepe. Just do it after every four to five crepes. Remove any excess oil with a paper towel before using.
  • Batter that will not spread over the pan may not contain enough liquid.

Common problems with Oster juicers

  • If your juicer will not turn on at all, it could have an internal blown fuse. First, try unplugging your machine and checking the electrical connection at the wall. Plug your machine back in and try it again.
  • Fixing the internal fuse should repair the problem. If it doesn't, the motor may have burned out and will need to be replaced.
  • Juicers that fail to produce juice should be checked for a couple of problems. First, make sure the cutter or blade is in place and not blocked by any small pieces of food.
  • If a food blockage isn’t the issue, check the pulp container as it might be full. Remove it and clean it thoroughly before replacing and trying your juicer again.
  • A juicer that still produces no juice may have a clog in the port or pour spout. Clean the clog, and the juicer should then work.

Ordering replacement parts for Oster appliances

Sears PartsDirect carries replacement parts for Oster juice extractors, electric juicers and crepe makers. Popular replacement parts include the thermostat, cord, owner’s manual, housing and driver.