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McClane makes great lawn mowers and edgers that provide clean, efficient cuts for a long period of time, but these are complex gas-powered machines with lots of small moving parts that can become damaged and start to malfunction.

Diagnosing problems with your lawn mower engine

  • Something important that can be overlooked when trying to figure out what's wrong with your mower is the gas. Even if the gas tank indicator says there's gas in the tank, you should still examine it in case the gauge is faulty. You can shake the mower around a bit and listen for gas to splash around in the tank. If you've let your mower sit for a while, then the gas that's in the tank might be too diluted with particulates or water. Stale gas can also clog the carburetor and fuel filter, requiring you to clean or possibly replace the carburetor if damage has occurred.
  • Mowers with an electric start rely on a battery to crank the engine. If nothing happens when you push the start button, then the battery could be dead. Examine the battery for signs of corrosion, which indicate a leak. If there are no signs of damage, use a testing device to determine if the battery needs to be charged or replaced.
  • If the battery checks out, it might be the ignition itself that's malfunctioning. You can use a multimeter to test the ignition system for electric connectivity. You can also look for loose or frayed wires.
  • If the engine is turning over but not firing up, it could be that the spark plug is bad. If the gap in the plug becomes too great, then the spark can't pass through it, thus, igniting the gas vapor in the cylinder.
  • Sometimes, the mower will sputter and partially start up, or it may start up and shut down shortly after. This could mean that the air filter is clogged and needs to be replaced. Cutting off airflow to the engine deprives it of oxygen, which is key for combustion.

Problems with edgers

Edgers are essential for created a manicured look for your lawn. The same engine problems discussed above can occur on your lawn edger engine. Also, a worn drive belt can prevent the edger blade from spinning properly. Worn blade drive shaft bearings can also keep the edger blade from spinning properly.

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