Official Magnavox parts

Magnavox manufactures high quality products that are made to last. However, parts may need to be replaced occasionally to ensure your appliance is working properly.

Some common problems with products offered by Magnavox

  • Microwave—If the microwave stops heating food, then the problem is most likely the magnetron. The magnetron is responsible for converting electricity in order to cook food. The magnetron can't be repaired if it has failed and, instead, needs to be replaced.
  • Air conditioner—Air conditioners are meant to cool down your residence, but when they stop doing their job, there can be several different factors at play. Wiring problems can result from falls and accidents. A visual inspection of the inner workings of the air conditioner can tell you if there has been damage to the circuitry. If the fan breaks as a result of a seized bearing or a broken belt, then there is no way for cold air to be pushed inside your home.
  • Television—If the TV screen doesn't come on when you power on the unit, then there is most likely a problem with the circuit board. You can take a multimeter and test each component on the board to discover the problem.
  • DVD player—If the loading tray becomes misaligned due to excessive force, then the disc can get jammed in the unit and possibly damage the laser.
  • Stereo sound—Damaged lines, blown-out speakers, burnt-out receivers and water damage are all likely reasons that your stereo is not producing sound. Also, check the controls to make sure the right speakers are selected.

Diagnosing problems with your speakers

If your sound system is not functioning, then there are a few things you can look at to figure out where the problem lies. First, examine all the cords in the back of the stereo for signs of damage and to ensure that they are all connected properly. If the wires are looking good, then take off the front speaker covers and examine the speakers for physical damage. If the speakers are blown out from excessive volume or overuse, then there should be tearing along the outer rim of the speaker. If the speaker looks OK, take off the back casing and check the speaker for electrical connectivity by connecting two lead wires to the speaker and a 9-volt battery. If you hear a popping noise, then the speaker is working, and the problem is most likely in the receiver.

Finding your replacement parts

Finding Magnavox replacement parts at Sears PartsDirect is simple. Just type the model number into the search field and you'll be sent to a page with diagrams and part listings for your product. If you don't have the model number handy, you can search by part number. At Sears PartsDirect, we offer quality replacement parts.