Official Lowrance parts

Your Lowrance chainsaw, trimmer or leaf blower is made to last. However, this equipment can malfunction due to overuse or general wear and tear. When this happens, the issue can often be fixed with the help of a replacement part.

Troubleshooting your Lowrance equipment

  • Chainsaw won’t start—If you discover your chainsaw won’t start, it may be an issue with the spark plug. Remove the plug and check for any signs of damage, including burns or cracks. Should you find the plug is not up to par, you’ll need to replace it.
  • Chainsaw stalls—When a chainsaw starts but then stalls, it could be caused by a clogged carburetor. You’ll want to clean the carburetor to remove clogs. In some cases, you may need to replace the carburetor.
  • Chainsaw won’t cut—The main cause of a chainsaw not cutting is a dull chain blade. You should sharpen or replace the blade to resume work.
  • Trimmer string line won’t feed—The trimmer string might not be feeding properly because of a dirty trimmer head. Remove the head and perform a thorough cleaning. If this doesn’t work, check the line itself. Ensure the line is not too small or thick. If the problem persists, you will likely need to replace the trimmer head.
  • Trimmer head continuously spins—When a trimmer head will not stop spinning, you will want to check the clutch. A defective clutch is not able to stop the trimmer head from spinning. Replace the clutch to fix the problem.

Critical trimmer parts

  • Carburetor—The carburetor mixes gas and air to supply the cylinder with combustible fuel that is then ignited by a spark plug. At times, the carburetor may become clogged, causing poor engine operation. If you find that your trimmer’s engine won’t start, stalls or runs inconsistently, then you probably need to replace the carburetor.
  • Fuel line—The fuel line is used to transport gas from the tank to the carburetor. Fuel lines may become damaged or clogged after time, causing issues with normal operation. Replace the fuel line if you notice any clogs or cracks.
  • Spark plug—The spark plug is used to ignite fuel from a carburetor. You may find that your trimmer is not starting up properly, which could be due to a damaged spark plug. The spark plug will need to be replaced if you notice any damage.
  • Starter rope—If the starter rope breaks, you’ll need to replace it.
  • Air filter—The air filter is used to keep contaminants from the carburetor. If you find your carburetor is constantly overwhelmed with debris, then you may have a worn filter. Replace the filter to keep your engine running smoothly.

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