581926301-Lawn Tractor Drag Link
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Lawn Tractor Drag Link 597070101


Part #597070101

Manufacturer substitution
This part replaces 581926301. Substitute parts can look different from the original.
This part replaces #581926301
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This drag link (part number 597070101) is for lawn tractors.

Drag link 597070101 is part of the steering mechanism that connects sector gear to the spindle.

Wear work gloves to protect your hands when installing this part.


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Flemington, NJReviews 1Votes 0
• 8 months ago
Engineer• 8 months ago
Solution to a manufacturing problem for Craftsman

The rods are variable-length tie rods for the tractor steering links. Husqvarna did not provide adjustable links when they produced the tractor. Thus, as the parts aged and changed, the front wheels exhibit a significant toe-out that contributes to the front wheels falling off the spindles. This set of parts should have been put on the tractor in the first place, or a means to adjust the front wheel toe-in provided. The repair is straightforward, but the alignment to get the toe-in adjusted properly will require some thought when you adjust the length of these rods. Set the steering wheel to forward and lock it into place with a brace, clamp or similar device. Use a straight, long length of wood to determine the position of the wheel. Secure it to the wheel so that it touches the metal frame and not the tire. It should be perpendicular to the axle. Lay the straight wooden piece on the ground in front of the tractor. Adjust the tie rod to provide the correct amount of toe-in. Use the tractor frame with a T-square to determine the forward direction of the tractor. The toe-in for a vehicle is a reference because neither Craftsman nor Husqvarna will give you any information. I set my wheels to toe-in about 1 inch per 3 feet length of the wooden bar. Do this for each wheel. DO NOT change the steering wheel position until BOTH wheels are aligned. Observe the wheels after you are finished to verify that the front of the wheel is toed-in. While you're at it, you may want to check the rest of the steering mechanism for loose or worn parts, especially the small pin that holds the steering rod in position at the steering plate. Some adjustment tweaking might be necessary after you drive the tractor for a while. I will check the toe-in when I change the oil next time. Good luck!

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