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Garden Tractor Sleeve Hitch 71-24586


Part #71-24586

This part is no longer available.

We've permanently sold out of this part. It's no longer available from the manufacturer and the manufacturer has no substitute for this part. Although our call center staff is always happy to help when possible, they don't have access to this part. You might be able to find the part through another replacement parts retailer or through a reseller on Ebay or similar website. If you can't find that part and decide to replace the product, we invite you to visit

Part Information

This sleeve hitch (part number 71-24586) is for garden tractors.

Sleeve hitch 71-24586 lets you attach attachments such as a cultivator or plow to the tractor.

Follow the instructions in your owner's manual when installing this part. Wear work gloves to protect your hands.


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allan f
conway nhReviews 1Votes 0
• 2 years ago
allan f• 2 years ago
Tractor sleeve hitch

It looked very good . It waseasy to put together.But my tractor was a lawn tractor not a garden tractor.Does not fit.I had no problem retuirming it.Great service on delivery and return.

Orlando , F L.Reviews 1Votes 1
• 3 years ago
Estefen• 3 years ago
Fabricated , I adapted this to Lawn tractor

A perfect fit , Fabricated took some time and adjustment. Great quality heavy steel 100% satisfied. .and the pice , 1/2 any other brand

Hayward WisconsinReviews 1Votes 0
• 3 years ago
DanG1953• 3 years ago
Easy to install

It was the correct part and easy to install the sleeve hitch

Mark H
FloridaReviews 1Votes 2
• 4 years ago
Mark H• 4 years ago
Easy to instal

Sears asked for me to describe their product, they even suggested an Example like: Easy to instal it only took 20 minutes. Well they could not have chosen a better example but they were off as it only took me 10 minutes to instal. This sleeve hitch is simple and fast to instal as for it's use I'll let you know, it should work out well

Charlie O
Reviews 1Votes 1
• 4 years ago
Charlie O• 4 years ago
Breeze to install

Took 10 minutes to install and works awesome... Would definitely recommend....

Reviews 1Votes 6
• 4 years ago
DrivewayMaintenance• 4 years ago
Works well

I had to make an adaptation that is not recommended by Sears. I have a lawn tractor, not a garden tractor. So I drilled holes for the top of the hitch to attach. Another reviewer suggested a 5/8" bolt, 3 washers, and a lock nut and that's what I did. My mower is 12 years old and so I didn't care about voiding a warranty or ruining the machine. I've pulled a box blade with it so far and it works very well. If you do this modification, understand that it is not made to work on a basic lawn tractor and will hang a little lower than the garden tractors. That said, I wouldn't change a thing I did. I am now maintaining my gravel driveway much more easily than hand tools and much more inexpensively than renting a tractor or paying someone else (I've done both).

Upstate N.Y.Reviews 1Votes 0
• 4 years ago
Hitch• 4 years ago
Worth the money.

Does a fine job. Bought it for the box scraper that does an excellent job for it's size. Also put the wheel weights on which should be put on first before the sleeve hitch. There is a little more room to put the nuts on the back of the rim without the hitch in the way.

New York, NYReviews 1Votes 0
• 4 years ago
Jackie2• 4 years ago
Easy to install

It was easy to install and only took 20min........

1-8 of 26 reviews