Filter Drier 216634500


Part #216634500

Replaced by #5303305677
Manufacturer substitution
This part replaces 216634500. Substitute parts can look different from the original.
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Part Information

This filter dryer (part number 5303305677) is for refrigerators.

Filter dryer 5303305677 filters refrigerant that travels through the sealed system of the refrigerator.

A service technician should install this part because it involves recovering and recharging refrigerant in the sealed refrigerant system.

Refrigerator Filter Dryer 5303305677 replaces earlier part numbers 000101601, 215174600, 215987000, 216099900, 216634500, 216938600, 216938601, 216987500, 216987501, 218018000, 218374600, 218541000, 218944001, 218944002, 242047501, 242047601, 242047603, 242047604, 242190205, 297396810, 297396820, 5303212179, 5304433938, 5308000027, 7218944001, 7218944002, 75303305677, 88044, 88674, C000038816, C000062762, C000101601, F000095348, F000114259, F114259, F114467, F57308, F59348, F59667, F89348, G000152474, G000186717, G113802, G126108, G130541, G133131, G133132, G139368, G152474, G164636, G177375, G182474, G183485, G183642, G185165, G186717, G82520, G84078, G88044, G88045, G88048, G88674, G89597, K1123736, K1124054, K1124582, K1155177, K1159554, K1159591, K1166077, K1167150, K1206977, K1243117, K5015601, K5060201, M1090660, R000900983, R009000149, WC040067.

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