Official Universal/Multiflex (Frigidaire) parts

Is your Universal/Multiflex appliance not functioning properly? Many common problems with an appliance can be fixed with a replacement part. To figure out which part you will need to replace, you can do some troubleshooting.

Troubleshooting and repairing your Frigidaire Universal/Multiflex range hood

Many people need a range hood for ventilating smoky, smelly odors that occur while cooking meals. Regular cleaning and maintenance are crucial in making range hoods last their average lifespan, which is around 14 years. Here are some different parts that could need to be replaced in the event that your range hood does not function properly.

  1. Range hood fan switch—The fan switch controls the fan motor and the speed of the fan. If the fan switch no longer turns the fan motor on at all, it needs to be replaced.
  2. Range hood electronic control board—The electronic control board controls all the range hood lights and fan motors. The electronic control board should be replaced if none of the lights or fan motors will activate.
  3. Range hood light socket—The range hood light socket connects the light bulb to electrical power. If the light goes out, first replace the light bulb. If that does not solve the problem, then the light socket should be replaced.
  4. Range hood fan motor—The range hood fan motor spins the fan blade to draw air through the range hood air vent. If the fan motor dies, it will not be able to circulate air through the hood air vent, and it will need to be replaced.
  5. Downdraft vent up/down button pad—The up/down button pad activates the up/down switch for the vent when it is pushed. If the switch is not activated when the button pad is pushed, a replacement button pad will be needed.

Typical issues associated with Frigidaire Universal/Multiflex appliances

  1. If your Frigidaire Universal/Multiflex dishwasher isn’t drying your dishes, the problem could be fixed by replacing the heating element. If the heating element isn’t drying your dishes and is not visibly broken, the problem may be a wiring failure or a blown fuse in the heating circuit.
  2. If your dryer is leaving your clothes wet after a cycle, check the dryer’s heating element. The dryer’s heating element is what generates all the heat that is used to dry clothes. Test the heating element for continuity using a multimeter. If the meter measure infinite resistance through the element, replace the element because it’s broken.
  3. If your Frigidaire Universal/Multiflex washing machine is not spinning or agitating, you may need to replace the drive motor.
  4. If your refrigerator is not cooling food at all, the temperature control board could be faulty. The temperature control board is located in the machine compartment next to the compressor behind the panel on the back of the refrigerator. This controls the compressor and other main components of the refrigerator. If the temperature control board is not working at all or not controlling other components properly, it needs to be replaced.
  5. If your Frigidaire Universal/Multiflex stand-alone freezer is getting too warm, replacing the thermistor may help to remedy this problem. The thermistor is the temperature sensor inside of the freezer itself. The control board uses this reading to control the temperature, and if the thermistor needs to be replaced, it will send the wrong temperature, causing the freezer to be too warm. You can purchase a replacement thermistor for the freezer.