Official Crosley parts

Crosley makes a variety of high-quality appliances. However, like any piece of equipment, sometimes, these appliances can malfunction or stop working properly.

Common issues with Crosley appliances

  • Oven bake element burns out—When the oven no longer gets hot enough to cook items, then it usually means that the bake element needs to be replaced.
  • Dryer won't start—This is a common issue usually caused by a blown fuse. Check to make sure the dryer is the only thing plugged into the outlet when in use. The sheer amount of power required by the dryer makes it easy to overwork that circuit.
  • Refrigerator is leaking water—When the defrost drain gets blocked, it can result in defrost condensate water leaking into the cabinet or onto the floor. Defrosting the drain with warm water can help remove the clog so the drain doesn’t leak.
  • Microwave isn’t cooking food—An easily overlooked issue with microwaves is the high-limit thermostat going bad. When all appears to be running smoothly but the food just won't heat up, the high-limit thermostat may need to be replaced.

Troubleshooting tips for Crosley dishwashers

The average lifespan of a dishwasher is 7-12 years. By learning a few tips to troubleshoot common parts, you can get your dishwasher to last for many years.

  • Drain pump—By unplugging the dishwasher and removing panels, you can check if the drain pump is worn or broken and replace it if necessary.
  • Water inlet valve—If the valve isn't opening properly, it will prevent enough water from entering the machine. It's best to replace the valve if it's defective as cleaning it usually results in the problem getting worse.
  • Center wash arm assembly—If dishes on the upper rack are coming out dirty, this is often caused by food particles in the center wash arm. Cleaning out the assembly will help get dishes in the upper rack clean.
  • Circulation pump—The circulation pump uses an impeller and motor to push water to the dishes. If the spray inside the dishwasher is weak, then the pump may be clogged or its impeller may be damaged. Check the pump for debris and replace the pump impeller if it’s damaged.