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Model #FEC36C4ASD Frigidaire electric cooktop

Here are the repair parts and diagrams for your Frigidaire FEC36C4ASD electric cooktop. 

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Range Surface Burner Knob


Control panel Diagram


In Stock

Range Surface Element


Main top Diagram

Range surface element

Part #5308011964


In Stock

Cooktop Main Top Spacer


Main top Diagram

Cooktop main top spacer

Part #318216000


In Stock

Cooktop Element Center Medallion


Main top Diagram


In Stock

Light Lamp


Control panel Diagram

Light lamp

Part #5303323991


In Stock

Range Screw


Control panel Diagram

Range screw

Part #5303323140


In Stock

Hold-Down Kit


Main top Diagram

Hold-down kit

Part #5303935029


In Stock

Cooktop Element Terminal Block


Main top Diagram


In Stock

Cooktop Screw


Main top Diagram

Cooktop screw

Part #5303323138


In Stock



Main top Diagram


Part #3016817


In Stock

Symptoms common to all cooktops

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Main causes: lack of electrical power, gas supply failure, bad pressure regulator, control system failure

Repair guides for electric cooktops

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November 20, 2014
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How to replace the glass top on an electric cooktop

Don't use a cracked or damage glass cooktop—replace it, using these instructions to guide you.

Repair difficulty
Time required
 30 minutes or less
How to replace a radiant element on an electric cooktop

Follow these step-by-step instructions to replace a damaged radiant element on your electric cooktop when the element won’t heat when it receives voltage from the control.

Repair difficulty
Time required
 45 minutes or less

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