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The nature of plants, even those of the dwarf variety, is that they grow. Landscapes are designed for a certain look, and the presentation is ruined when plants grow out of control. Lawns must be mowed, shrubs must be trimmed and trees need pruning. Fortunately, there are Snapper products for each landscaping chore.

What are common Snapper landscaping tools?

  • Chainsaw—Homeowners use chainsaws to prune the largest branches.
  • Lawn mowers—Snapper offers walk-behind models as well as riding lawn mowers.
  • Lawn sweepers—Lawn sweepers are built to pick up mower debris and leaves.
  • Leaf blower—The leaf blower removes debris from the lawn and sidewalks by generating a force of air.
  • Soil tiller—Built in several sizes, the Snapper tiller works to break and till soil for flower and vegetable gardens.

Snapper parts that may need repair

  • Chainsaw parts that break down the most often are the parts that supply fuel to the engine. Fuel lines develop leaks at the ends if not properly maintained. Fuel filters should be replaced every year. Spark plugs, even those that look clean, should be replaced yearly.
  • The most common part to break down in a Snapper lawn mower is the primer. Snapper lawn mowers must be primed with gas to start. The primer is a push button atop the engine that sends a mist of gas into the combustion chamber when pressed. Over time, the seals break around the primer, breaking part of the vacuum that is required to prime properly.
  • In Snapper lawn sweepers, the impeller is subject to wear. The impeller is the part that creates the vacuum that sucks up debris from your lawn. You'll first notice a reduction of impeller effectiveness during wet conditions.
  • Snapper leaf blowers are fairly simple machines. Other than the regular maintenance required to keep any engine running, the muffler is the piece most subject to repair. The muffler is exposed to the elements and the immense heat generated by the engine. Together, these forces can cause the muffler to rust and fall apart.
  • The parts of a Snapper soil tiller that wear the most often are the belts that drive the tines. These belts stretch with use and may need replacement to keep the tiller working as it should.

Ordering replacement parts for your Snapper tools

Even the best Snapper products can take damage over the years. Keep your Snapper products working like new with parts and accessories from Sears PartsDirect.