Official Apex parts

Apex offers a wide range of televisions and even DVD players. It can be irritating when your entertainment device suddenly stops working, but this can usually be solved by replacing a failed part.

Apex DVD player troubleshooting tips

  • Trouble reading discs—A simple trick to fixing a DVD player that won’t read a disc is to wiggle the laser assembly. You can also clean the laser using a Q-tip moistened with rubbing alcohol.
  • No sound—When you aren’t receiving any audio, it's likely a connection problem. Check that connections are secure and placed in appropriate slots.
  • Subtitles on—If you find that your DVD is playing with subtitles, simply go to the Settings menu to turn them off. Sometimes, the remote will even have an option; in this case, press the "Subtitle" button and then "0" to clear the titles.
  • Condensed picture—When the display is squished, it's likely that you're playing a full-screen DVD on wide screen. Go to the Setup menu to assure it's set for the correct format.
  • Soft code issue—If the DVD player slows down shortly after starting up or you start to lose audio, you'll want to shut it off. Unplug the device, and then let it sit for at least 30 seconds. Plug it back in and turn it on to resume normal play.

Five critical Apex television parts

  1. Screen—The screen is one of the most important parts of a television, and it's one of the most frequent to malfunction. If you experience lines or dots flashing on the screen, it's likely that the screen is bad. You'll want to buy a replacement screen to solve this problem.
  2. Speakers—When your speakers begin making unusual noises, there are a few things you'll need to check. Make sure cable connections are secure and not damaged. A broken device being connected to the television can also cause interference. If you still experience issues, then it's likely that the speakers need to be replaced.
  3. Power board—Your power board supplies current to your television components. If your television will not turn on, it could be due to an issue with the power board. You can repair this by purchasing a new power board.
  4. Switch box—The switch box is used to alternate between various video sources. If you're unable to get a video source, you need to examine the switch box to make sure it's powered on. Check that the cables are placed correctly and not damaged. If everything appears to be fine but you’re still experiencing issues, you may need to replace the switch box.
  5. Remote—The remote is used to control actions of the television. When a remote quits working suddenly, you'll want to unplug your television and hold the power button for 30 seconds. When you turn it back on, the problem may be solved.