Official Rinnai parts

Keeping your home warm and comfortable in the winter is very important. Rinnai manufactures furnaces and heaters that can be used to efficiently heat different rooms of your home or your basement. While these units are normally very reliable, over time they may breakdown and need parts replaced to work properly.

How to keep your Rinnai appliances running smoothly

Space heaters that don't require any venting are easy to use and come with different safety features, such as tilt switches, which instantly turn the unit off if they're tipped over. If your space heater seems to turn off for no reason, you'll want to check a couple components inside.

If the unit senses that the pilot light has gone out, the heater will also automatically turn itself off to prevent damage or injury. These products also have an oxygen sensor that will disable the unit if the oxygen level is deemed too low. A faulty oxygen sensor or flame sensor may cause the space heater to turn off unexpectedly. You'll need to replace the appropriate sensor in order for the space heater to operate normally.

Common parts in Rinnai furnaces

  1. Primary burner—The primary burner is the main source of heat inside the furnace. If the primary burner doesn't ignite, it may be faulty or isn't getting any gas.
  2. Thermocouple—A thermocouple is designed to detect a burning flame. If the burner attempts to ignite the primary burner but the thermocouple doesn't sense a flame, it shuts off the gas flow to prevent a buildup of gas and poisonous fumes.
  3. Blower fan—The blower fan activates once the temperature inside the furnace is warm enough and pushes the heated air through the air ducts.
  4. Gas regulator—A gas regulator limits the flow of gas into the furnace. A faulty regulator may be clogged or prevent the furnace from having enough gas to operate.
  5. Pilot burner—The pilot burner is a small flame that burns continuously. If the burner light goes out, the furnace may attempt to relight it automatically or shut down to prevent damage and/or gas leaks.
  6. Oxygen sensor—Oxygen sensors are usually found on space heaters to monitor the oxygen level in the air. If this sensor isn't working properly, it may turn the unit off even if the oxygen levels are safe.

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