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Nailer guns can be subject to heavy use throughout a typical workday, especially when they are used for framing work or driving nails into hardwood or concrete. Each nail that is driven in by compressed air puts a lot of stress on the nailer's internal parts, and from time to time, a part may break down and affect how well the nailer works. Local working conditions, including rain or dust in the air, can also negatively impact the performance of a nailer.

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How to care for your Paslode nailer

  • Properly lubricate your nailer by using pneumatic tool oil frequently.
  • Avoid unnecessary exposure to rain, dirt and sand.
  • Use the correct nails that your nailer gun is rated for.
  • Clean the feed system regularly to prevent it from getting clogged.
  • Regularly tighten screws, nuts and bolts.
  • Make sure the air hose connects securely and does not disconnect during use.

Five nailer parts that may break down

  1. O-rings—A worn or broken O-ring can cause air leaks in the nailer, which will reduce how effectively it can drive nails. If the O-rings show signs of damage, then they will need to be replaced.
  2. Filter—The filter collects any airborne debris, such as dirt, sawdust or other building particles in the air hose before it reaches the cylinder, which prevents the cylinder from becoming clogged.
  3. Driver blade—The driver blade is attached to the bottom of the piston, and when the trigger is pulled, the driver blade is forced downward, which drives the nail into the wood.
  4. Magazine—The magazine holds the sleeve or coils of nails. Each time the trigger is pulled and a nail is driven, the next nail is automatically fed into position.
  5. Depth driver—The depth driver can be adjusted to increase or decrease the force with which each nail is driven. If the driver is faulty, then it may drive the nail too deep or not deep enough for the type of wood.

Ordering replacement parts for your Paslode nailer

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