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A standard refrigerator should last the average household at least 10-14 years. If your fridge or free-standing ice maker is newer but you've noticed that it isn't working as well as it should, then you may need to repair or replace a part.

Common refrigerator problems

The first thing to do is check that your fridge is plugged in, the outlet is in working order and the breaker hasn’t been tripped off by a short. Next, see if the inside lights and outer displays are turning on. If they aren’t, then your refrigerator somehow isn’t receiving power. However, if the fridge is receiving power and the lights are turning on but the fridge won’t get or stay cold, then your problem may stem from within the cooling components of the refrigerator. Take a look below at which parts may be beneficial to replace.

The following are some Sub-Zero refrigerator parts that often need to be replaced:

  • Compressor start relay—First, check the wiring in your start relay. If there's a wiring issue, then fixing this may solve the overall issue. Otherwise, replacing the compressor start relay may be necessary as the start relay is the part that sends the compressor the current needed to operate.
  • Temperature control thermostat—The control thermostat has two main working parts. The tubing inside the refrigerator senses the temperature of the air inside the fridge while the component located in the control housing turns your compressor on and off based on the temperature readings from the sensor. If either one of these parts is malfunctioning, you may need to replace the entire temperature control thermostat.
  • Electronic control board—Your control board controls the refrigerator’s compressor as well as the defrost cycle. If the control board isn’t reading temperatures correctly, if it fails to start the compressor or if it fails to start the defrost cycle properly, then it may need to be replaced.
  • Defrost timer—Your defrost timer controls the intervals between defrost cycles. This part may need to be replaced if it doesn't activate the defrost heater when its timer advances into a defrost cycle or if the timer doesn’t advance at all.
  • Compressor—If you’ve noticed, many of the aforementioned parts revolve around turning the compressor on or off. This is because it is the component that compresses the refrigerant to make the air in your fridge cold. If the compressor isn’t operating efficiently or if it’s not operating at all, then it may need to be either fixed or replaced.

Common freestanding ice maker problems

In addition to refrigerators, Sub-Zero also makes free-standing ice makers. Here are some issues you may encounter with yours:

  • Water leakage—Try to find the source of the leak. Leaks commonly originate in the supply line, the drain pump and the drain line. Replace the faulty part that's causing the leak.
  • Failure to cut ice—The cutter grid is responsible for slicing the ice into even cubes. If it isn't working, the problem may be a loose wire between the grid and the electronic control board. If the wires seem intact, the electronic control board may need to be replaced. The cutter grid itself might also need replacement in some cases.
  • Loud noise—If the problem is a noisy ice maker, the problem may be a damaged compressor or condenser fan motor. In some cases, you might also need to replace the drain pump. Inspect each part carefully.

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