Official Delta parts

Delta is a company name familiar with homeowners as a maker of water faucets. For woodworking enthusiasts, Delta Machinery makes saws, drilling machines, jointers, planers, mortisers, lathes, grinders and dust collectors.

Common products that Delta produces

  • Faucets—Delta Faucet Company produces water faucets for every room of a house or business. Delta faucets are found in kitchens, bathrooms and industry workrooms.
  • Saws—Delta Machinery makes saws for any type of wood application imaginable. They offer cut-off saws, band saws, radial saws and miter saws.
  • Power drill press—Delta has seven drill press models.
  • Power sanders—Delta offers four types of power sanders: disk sanders, disc sanders type 2, oscillating spindle sanders and bench random orbital sanders. Delta also offers standing sanding centers for you to work off.
  • Power planer—Delta offers a fixed 15-inch planer and portable planers in 12-inch and 12 1/2-inch sizes.

Delta power tool parts that often need to be replaced

  • When Delta saws slow down, the culprit is most likely the carbon motor brushes. These brushes transfer power from the motor to the armature that drives the blade. The brushes last about 50 hours before deterioration starts slowing the blade.
  • The part of the drill press that most often needs replacement is the drill chuck. This part is often changed out to accommodate larger drill bits. Over time, drill chucks lose their ability to maintain a hold on the bit and must be replaced.
  • Delta tools power on and off through a mechanical switch. The contacts inside the switch can wear out with use. Replace the power switch if it doesn't send current to the motor when you flip the switch on.