Official Philips parts

Trying to relax and enjoy some entertainment on your Philips equipment only to have nothing happen when you press the power key on the remote or have no sound come out of the stereo speakers can be frustrating. Fortunately, many of these issues can be fixed by repairing or replacing a part.

Common issues causing Philips home entertainment equipment to malfunction

Speaker problems, whether involving the main speakers, bass speaker or the surround sound system, are some of the most common problems when it comes to home theater equipment. Sometimes, the sound will come out fine, but there won't be anything showing on the television screen, or what is shown is garbled and unwatchable.

Screen problems can be caused by issues as serious as fried components on the circuit board or something simple like a loose connection between the television and DVD player. The laser in the DVD player that reads the discs has a glass cover to protect it from dust and particles. Unfortunately, the dust can settle on the cover, causing the player to misread the DVD. These and other problems can be a hassle, but with a quick diagnosis, you can narrow down what's wrong with your system and get the right parts to repair it.

Checking your Philips equipment for problems

  • If your system is experiencing no audio, the first place to look is the speakers. Time and excessive volume can cause speakers to rupture and blow out, leading to distorted sound or no sound at all. A visual inspection will tell if the speaker is blown. You can also connect the leads to a 9-volt battery and listen for a pop.
  • Wires are usually the cause of malfunctions, but they're often overlooked. It's especially important to check them if you have animals or small children around the house. Examine wires closely for signs of fraying, tears or loose/broken connections. Make sure all connections are plugged in securely.
  • If your television screen has gone dark, there are a few things to look for. Beyond checking that the plug and outlet are in correct order, burnt-out components on the circuit board can lead to all sorts of problems, including a blackened screen. Using a multimeter, you can check each component for electrical connectivity. Be sure to also check for loose wires and components.
  • If the speakers check out but there's still no audio, it could be a problem with the receiver. Make a visual examination prior to opening it up and pay attention to any signs of water damage. Water inside the receiver will burn out the circuitry. Open the casing and inspect the components in the same way you would the television.
  • An easy component to overlook is the remote. If the remote isn't working and you checked the batteries, then you need to open up the device and check the electronics and rubber button pad.