Official Ace parts

From chainsaws to lawn edgers, an Ace product has probably been a part of your lawn and garden care routine. Ace sells Craftsman, Troybilt, Remington, Yard Machines, MTD and Reliance products listed in this brand category. These products are built to last; however, all machines contain many moving parts, which may eventually wear out.

Troubleshooting tips for your Ace lawn equipment

If your tiller is leaking fuel, here are some tips to try:

  • Check the carburetor bottom for leaks. If the leak is there, a carburetor gasket may be damaged or dried out. Replacing the leaking carburetor gasket should resolve this problem.
  • Examine the fuel line for leaks. Replace the fuel line if it’s torn or cracked.
  • Check the fuel tank for cracks or damage and replace the fuel tank if it’s leaking gas.

Does your leaf blower start only to immediately stop working? Check out these suggestions:

  • A clogged carburetor often causes this failure. Rebuild the carburetor using a rebuild kit or replace the carburetor to restore gas flow to the engine so it stays running.
  • Clean or replace the air filter if it’s dirty. Restoring good air flow through the carburetor to the engine will keep the engine running smoothly.
  • Fuel left in the blower over a long period of time clogs the carburetor. Once fuel evaporates, it leaves a sticky residue behind. This is the specific material causing the clog, and it can be cleaned off using a carburetor cleaner. If cleaning doesn't resolve the problem, then rebuilding or replacing the carburetor might be necessary.
  • Fuel filters can become clogged with the same sticky residue from fuel. Replacing the fuel filter can fix the issue.

Tips to fix your Remington electric chainsaw sold by Ace

Here are some things you can check to keep your Remington electric chainsaw in good working condition:

  • If the chainsaw won’t start, check the power cord and replace it if it’s damaged. If the power cord has no damage and the power source works, you likely have a bad start switch. Replacing the start switch should fix your chainsaw.
  • Check all electrical connections if your chainsaw loses power during operation. A break in current can cause your chainsaw to stall, decrease power or completely shutting down the motor.
  • A chain that skips or jumps while operating can stem from a couple of problems. The engine drive sprocket might be worn, which will not let the chain sit right. A dull chain can cause skipping or jumping. Check the chain tension to make sure it's set properly.
  • Sharpen the chain blades with an appropriate file if the chainsaw starts shooting out a lot of sawdust or cuts at the wrong angle. This is very important as a dull chain can skip or break and injure the operator.

Ordering replacement parts for your Ace product

Ace products occasionally need replacement parts, which can be found through Sears PartsDirect. Ace product replacement parts include spacers, axle braces and many other parts you might need for your tiller, lawn edger, blower, electric chainsaw or other products.