Official Eureka parts

Eureka manufactures quality cleaning equipment that's designed to clean every surface in your home. This equipment, including carpet cleaners, floor sweepers, steam cleaners and vacuum cleaners, relies on a lot of small moving parts to clean your home thoroughly. However, these parts aren't infallible, and some will break down requiring you to make repairs.

Issues that pop up with Eureka cleaning products

  • Carpet cleaner—The biggest concern here is that soapy water can leak into the casing if there's a crack. If that happens, the electronics will get wet and likely short out.
  • Floor sweeper—If the machine won't operate, it could be a problem with the motor or the fuse. It could also mean that the kill switch is either broken or engaged.
  • Steam cleaner—The stem can become clogged up with debris, meaning steam can’t get out. A good cleaning solution mixed with water and sprayed into the stem should be enough to clear out the clog.
  • Vacuum cleaner—The air filter will get clogged if it's not cleaned or changed regularly. This will lead to reduced suction and possible motor damage.
  • Carpet roller—The carpet roller sweeps the carpet and pulls dirt into the air where the suction of the vacuum takes over. If you run over something too large for the roller to deal with, the roller could get stuck and snap the belt that drives it.