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Your Sharp equipment, whether it be the stereo, DVD player, television, microwave or camcorder, relies on a number of tiny, interwoven parts working synchronously for maximum efficiency. Both electronic and mechanical parts are brought together to make Sharp products work, but they can also lead to some of the more common problems associated with them.

Common problems that occur with Sharp equipment

  • Take your camcorder, for example. Normal use will wear out the buttons, battery charging capacity and USB connectors, which shouldn't come as a surprise. Also, the wiring on the circuit board can come loose, which can cause anything from glitchy recording to a blackened view screen.
  • Circuit board issues aren't strictly confined to the camcorder, though, and will cause all sorts of problems for more stationary components like the audio receiver or the television. A major problem can result if water is accidentally spilled where it can get inside the equipment. This is a big issue for audio receivers because water can drip through the vents that keep electronic equipment cool while in use.
  • If water does get into your Sharp receiver, then it can cause a host of problems, such as an electrical surge that can travel down the wires and burn out the speakers. However, speakers are much more commonly blown out by turning up the volume to excessive levels for an extended period.
  • When televisions experience a malfunction of some kind, it usually involves the screen. The simplest problem is horizontal or vertical lines on the screen, which is caused by a weak input signal. More troubling are the blackened screens that can be the result of faulty wiring on the circuit board or the screen itself being burnt out. There are also instances where an image that has remained on the screen too long gets burnt into it, resulting in an afterimage that doesn't go away.
  • The wires that are vital to your components interacting with each other can become frayed or damaged, leading to a loss of connectivity with your Sharp equipment.

How to check your speakers for damage

There are three areas to examine if your speakers aren't putting out audio. First, check the speaker wires for any damage or significant wear. Next, open the speaker cabinet and visually examine the speaker. If a speaker is blown out, there will be visual signs of damage along the outer edge.

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