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Some typical issues with electric trolling motors

Electric motors are great for low-speed trolling when fishing, but they are composed of many small parts that have to work together harmoniously for the motor to run at all. Here are five problems that are common to trolling motors and the causes for them.

  • If you notice a loss of power, there are a few possible causes to investigate. The first place to look is the battery. If the battery is not properly charged, worn out or the improper size for the motor you are running, then there won't be enough current to turn the propeller. The propeller can also be an issue. If it has experienced damage from foreign objects in the water, then it won't be able to generate thrust properly. The motor itself may have a cracked magnet, or a piece of circuitry could be burnt out.
  • A much worse problem than a loss of power is the motor not running at all. There are a handful of possible reasons why the motor will not start. The battery could be an issue in one of the ways illuminated above. There could be loose wires, burnt-out circuitry or a bad fuse causing the malfunction. You can use a multimeter and test each part to locate the problem.
  • Excessive noise and vibration are most likely due to loose or bad motor mounts connecting the motor to the boat. Over time, the rubber mounts harden and crack, resulting in metal-on-metal contact.
  • If the motor runs at higher speeds than it should, first check that the governor is functioning properly. Next, make sure the battery isn't too powerful for the motor.
  • If the motor won’t steer, then there could be debris caught in the steering mechanism. If not, there may be a problem with the steering cable.

Common problems with the electric anchor

If there is a problem with the anchor winch's motor, then you can refer to some of the issues listed above with the trolling motor to help identify the problem. The other major issue with the anchor winch will be the motor. Check the motor bearings for visible signs of wear and check the pulley for damage.

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