Official Milwaukee parts

Milwaukee manufacturers a wide variety of hand-held, battery-operated tools that can be used both in both home and workplace settings. Taking proper care of your tools and performing routine maintenance on them can keep them in top condition. Many of Milwaukee's tools are battery-operated, and you can often perform regular upkeep and simple fixes on them from your own garage.

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What kind of tools does Milwaukee offer?

Here are some popular types of tools that Milwaukee produces as well as their corresponding model numbers.

  • Power drills, such as the 2704-20 and the 2704-22
  • Circular saws, such as the 2782-20 and the 2782-22
  • Right-angle drills, including the 2709-20 and the 2709-22
  • Site lights, such as the 2147-20
  • Battery chargers, including the 48-59-1808

Parts in Milwaukee tools that may need to be replaced

Below are five parts on Milwaukee tools that could benefit from replacement or repair, depending on the need or condition.

  1. Pipe cutter blades—The blades on tools like pipe cutters can wear down or crack with regular use. If this happens, they may not cut well or could break completely. Put new blades in your tool if you see any damage.
  2. Motor brushes—A brush conducts electrical currents between the rotating shaft and the stationary wires. As the brushes wear down over time, they may not make adequate contact, requiring you to put new ones in.
  3. Reverse switch—The reverse switch changes the direction the drill spins. If you can't change the direction of the drill, you'll need to replace the switch.
  4. Speed selector—The speed selector adjusts the operating speed of the drill. If only one speed on the drill works or it gets stuck in one position and you can't move the switch, it may be time to swap out the speed selector switch with a new one.
  5. Trigger—The trigger operates the tool and may also provide variable speed control as well. If the trigger is working sporadically, replacing it with a new trigger could provide a solution.

Purchasing Milwaukee replacement parts through Sears PartsDirect

At Sears PartsDirect, we offer genuine replacement parts for Milwaukee tools and equipment. You can enter the model number into the search bar to find compatible parts, or you can browse through different categories to find what you're looking for. You can shop with confidence knowing that the parts you order will get your tool up and running in no time.