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HP computers and printers are built to last for many years. However, depending on the model and how often you use it, you may need to replace parts over time.

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Tips to solve potential Hewlett Packard issues

  1. The Hewlett Packard laptop keeps turning off—If your laptop keeps turning off while in use, it is probably overheating. The best solution for this problem is to invest in a cooling pad to use underneath the device.
  2. The Hewlett Packard desktop computer displays a blue screen—A blue screen presenting a stop code is usually related to a hardware or driver issue. There are many ways to troubleshoot this problem depending on the action that caused it. Consult the manual for troubleshooting tips to resolve this problem.
  3. The Hewlett Packard tablet is slow to respond—The tablet's touchscreen can sometimes become slow to react. Free up RAM space by closing all background apps and deleting files that are no longer in use.
  4. Printing is taking too long with the Hewlett Packard printer—For high-quality print jobs, it is normal for the process to be slow. If you prefer standard quality printing, change the print mode on the control panel. Also, make sure your printer driver is current.

Troubleshooting a Hewlett Packard printer

Printer issues can range from a small fix such as merely restarting it to a more complicated repair such as replacement of an internal unit. Troubleshooting your problems can help you to determine the appropriate solution.

  1. Rear duplexer—The duplexer is moved by gears to pull your paper through the printer. If you are experiencing ghost jams, it could be due to small pieces of paper lodged in the printer causing the duplexer not to turn. Remove the duplexer to check to see if it functions properly and examine the surrounding gears for damage.
  2. Paper feed roller—The paper feed roller drops down onto the paper and feeds it into the printer. If this is not working appropriately, check to make sure you have correctly inserted the small drive gear. Inspect gears for excessive wear and replace any damaged components.
  3. Paper tray—This is the tray that holds the paper so that the feed roller can pull it into the printer. Inspect the paper tray and replace it if it’s cracked or damaged.