Official Canon parts

Canon makes precision cameras and video equipment that help you capture memories to share over and over again. When the precision parts in your camera or video equipment fail, trust Sears PartsDirect to have the parts you need to fix the problem.

Solutions to common Canon product problems

  1. Your Canon camera lens is not retracting—This can happen when the battery compartment door is opened while you are operating the camera. Make sure the battery door is shut securely, and then turn the camera off and back on to see if the lens will now retract.
  2. The Canon camcorder stays on a black screen when turned on—Check to make sure that the lens cover opened correctly. It may be that dust is trapped around the lens causing it not to open. Try lightly tapping on it to see if it this fixes the problem. If everything looks good, the problem may be a loose or damaged ribbon cable.
  3. The Canon printer isn't turning on—First, make sure your printer is plugged entirely into a working outlet. If the computer has lost connection with the printer, restart the computer and try to print again. If it still doesn't turn on, it may need a new power supply unit.
  4. The Canon binoculars are out of alignment—Locate two prisms on each side of the binoculars to make adjustments so that you can see the image in the vertical range again. Keep doing this to both sides until everything is back in alignment.

Tips to fix your camera

Cameras usually have a lifespan of over 10 years without any issues. Although the device should work fine for a long time, there are still several things that can happen to cause your camera not to perform as expected.

If your camera is not turning on, it could be a fix as simple as charging the battery, or there might be a more severe issue such as damage to the internal circuit board. Normal wear and tear may require parts to be repaired or replaced.

  1. Lens—The lens is one of the most critical components of the camera as this is the part responsible for receiving the light to create your photos. If you notice dots or other marks in your view while using the camera, clean the lens with a soft cloth. If you continue having the issue, inspect it to see if you notice a crack or chip that needs repair.
  2. Image sensor—This part sends an electronic signal to your memory card after converting the optical image. The sensor can become dirty when you change the lens. If you see dots in your view in the same area every time, clean the sensor or replace it.
  3. Flash—The flash provides extra light when you need it. If your flash stops working, try rebooting your camera. Install a replacement bulb if you are still not able to get the flash to work.