Garage Door Opener Chain and Cable Assembly 41A5807

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Part #41A5807

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Part Information

Chain and cable assembly 41A5807 is an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) part that fits some Craftsman 139-series garage door openers.

Chain and cable assembly 41A5807 connects to the trolley and moves the trolley along the rail to raise and lower the garage door.

This chain and cable assembly is designed to fit the standard-length garage door opener rail that opens a 7-foot tall garage door.

Fits Craftsman garage door opener models 13918451D, 13918452D, 13918453D, 13918473D, 13953901DM, 13953903DM, 13953905DM, 13953910, 13953910D, 13953920D, 13953930D, 13953930DM, 139539511, 13953985, 1395398511, 13953985D, 13953985DM, 13953989, 13953990D, 13953990DS, 13953997D, 13954930, 13954985 and 13954990.


Wrong Size Chain!
July 08, 2018

Chain arrived early and that was nice. However, its the wrong size chain! The chain is 1/4 longer than the original and there is no way that I can use it without destroying the chain to take links off and then try to reassemble. This should have been a 10 min job and I have replaced chains/systems before. Heres the real kicker, went online to speak with one of your Reps about the issue and they wanted to charge my credit card just to talk to them! Now if this is not a scam then I don't know what is. Sorry but this really ticked me off!

Arcani, Camdenton, MO

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Ease of Installation
Very Difficult
Duration of Installation
More than 2 hours
Easy to install
July 04, 2018

It was easy to install once you get the correct length of chain and cable. The chain is shipped a little extra long (better long than short) but if you match the old chain and the new chain and connect it together you might be short in length overall because my cable was a little shorter than the original cable. Just something to keep in mind.

DBMD, Lindale, Tx

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Ease of Installation
Duration of Installation
30 minutes - 1 hour
Needed to change length of chain
May 02, 2018

Had to cut out a couple of chain links to make the Chamberlain chain fit.

BrianBald, Gurnee Ill

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Ease of Installation
Duration of Installation
1 - 2 hours