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Part #7113032

Replaced by #7187772
Manufacturer substitution
This part replaces 7113032. Substitute parts can look different from the original.
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Helpful DIY instructions: Installation guide with video.

Nozzle and venturi with gasket 7187772 is an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) part that fits some Kenmore, GE and Whirlpool water softeners and some Kenmore tannin water filters.

Nozzle and venturi with gasket 7187772 fits inside the nozzle and venturi housing on the valve body and controls the flow of water during the brine cycle. The gasket that prevents leaking between the housing and nozzle and venturi is included.

Replaces original water softener nozzle and venturi with gasket part numbers WS08X10005, WS8X10005 and WS8X10006.

Fits Kenmore water softener models 625348321, 625348340, 625348350, 625348420, 625348470, 625348471, 625348490, 625348491, 625348540, 6253485400, 625348550, 6253485500, 625348570, 625348571, 625348590, 625348591, 625348600, 625348670, 625383000, 625383060, 625383500, 625388100, 625388150, 625388160, 625388170, 62538817003, 625388180, 62538818003, 625388200, 625388250, 625388260, 625388400, 625388450, and 625393060. Also fits Kenmore tannin water filter models 625348260 and 625348261.

Fits GE water softener models GNSF18Z01, GNSF23Z01, GNSF35Z01, GNSF35Z02, GNSF35Z03, GNSF35Z04, GNSF39A01, GNSF39Z01, GNSF48A01, GNSF48Z01, GXSF23Z01, GXSF27B00, GXSF27B01, GXSF27E01, GXSF30H01, GXSF30H02, GXSF30H03, GXSF31E01, GXSF35E01, GXSF35E02, GXSF39B00, GXSF39B01, GXSF39E01, GXSF39E04, GXSF40H01, GXSF40H02, GXSF40H03, GXSS17Z01, GXSS20B00, GXSS20H01, GXSS20H02, PNSF31Z01, PNSF35B00 and PNSF39Z01. Also fits Whirlpool water softener models WHES20 and WHES30.


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NYReviews 1Votes 0
• 1 year ago
jae1• 1 year ago
Came on time and was the right part.

The part was easy to install. The part that the new piece went inwas a little harder to install.

Reviews 1Votes 1
• 3 years ago
Mark2747468• 3 years ago
Easy to change

Easy to access and replace. It was slightly time consuming due to the coating on the old gasket had broke down. Spent about 10 extra minutes cleaning the pieces out of the housing, screens, and orifices. Be careful to replace the 2 rubber orifices back in the way they came out. One side of them is concave. There is one in the venturi itself (needs to be transferred to the new venturi) and one in the bottom of the housing (if you remove it to be cleaned). Also be careful when removing the old gasket. There is a tiny screen under it that might stick to the gasket as you pull it out. It would be easy to lose it if comes off when you're not looking. Lastly, there is a screen in the end of the brine well hose that is connected to the venturi housing. I had pieces of the old gasket in that screen too that I cleaned out.

SellersburgReviews 1Votes 0
• 3 years ago
Ruby1• 3 years ago
Right part ,easy

Easy to Change old had black in it

Shadow man
ChicagoReviews 1Votes 0
• 3 years ago
Shadow man• 3 years ago
Easy to install no problems

Water softener filling with water replaced gasket & ventury

seattleReviews 1Votes 0
• 4 years ago
davemc• 4 years ago
works good

it was easy to install but the part was way over priced

Fort Fairfield, MeReviews 1Votes 0
• 4 years ago
Jeffro• 4 years ago

Easy to put ln myself. The instructions was the way its done.

Whitesboro, New YorkReviews 1Votes 0
• 4 years ago
Airbrusher• 4 years ago
Easy to install

Very easy to install, only took about 10 minutes. Exact parts fit great , good price.

no one
ChicagoReviews 1Votes 1
• 4 years ago
no one• 4 years ago
Fixed my appliance

Simple, needs to be done every couple of years to maintain appliance operation.

1-8 of 15 reviews