Room Air Conditioner

Model #LP1214GXR/00 LG room air conditioner

Here are the diagrams and repair parts for LG LP1214GXR-00 room air conditioner, as well as links to manuals and error code tables, if available.

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Owner’s manual

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    Room Air Conditioner Window Panel Kit#731270

    Air conditioner Diagram

    In Stock
    $105.99 | 
    9% OFF 
    Phone Price: $115.99
    Room Air Conditioner Caster Wheel#144410

    Air conditioner Diagram

    Room air conditioner caster wheel

    Part #COV30315201
    This item is not returnable
    In Stock
    $21.49 | 
    19% OFF 
    Phone Price: $26.49
    Room Air Conditioner Power Cord#264110

    Air conditioner Diagram

    In Stock
    $108.59 | 
    8% OFF 
    Phone Price: $118.59

    Air conditioner Diagram


    Part #COV30331707
    In Stock

    Air conditioner Diagram


    Part #COV32306201
    In Stock
    Main Piece Board#268711B

    Air conditioner Diagram

    Main piece board

    Part #COV31986901
    In Stock
    Control Box#249950

    Air conditioner Diagram

    Control box

    Part #COV32288101
    In Stock
    Room Air Conditioner Capillary Line#552101

    Air conditioner Diagram

    In Stock
    Fan Assembly#359012

    Air conditioner Diagram

    Fan assembly

    Part #COV32185501
    In Stock
    Drain Pan#330860

    Air conditioner Diagram

    Drain pan

    Part #COV32306501
    In Stock

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