March 1, 2015

Gas grill common questions

Gas grill common questions.
Gas grill common questions.

Gas Grill Common Questions

These common questions about gas grills are the ones our experts hear the most often from our customers. You might also find the help you need by checking the common symptoms and solutions for gas grills. When you’re ready to make a repair, search your model number to find replacement parts. Sears PartsDirect has the part you need, no matter where you bought your gas grill.

How do I reset the regulator on my gas grill?

1. Turn off all burner control knobs on the gas grill.

2. Shut the cylinder valve on the LP gas tank. 

3. Disconnect the pressure regulator/hose assembly from the LP gas tank.

4. Wait about 2 minutes to allow the leak limiter on the pressure regulator to reset.

5. Reattach the pressure regulator/hose assembly to the LP gas tank.

6. Slowly open the cylinder valve on the LP gas tank.

The leak limiter device on the pressure regulator is now reset.

Why is the pressure regulator on my gas grill humming?

The pressure regulator uses a diaphragm to regulate the LP gas pressure going to the grill. The humming noise is caused by changes of gas flow across that diaphragm. The humming noise is normal.

How do I check a gas grill for gas leaks?

If you suspect that gas might be leaking from the gas hose or connectors on your gas grill, follow these steps to check for it:

1. Prepare a solution of water and liquid dish soap in a spray bottle. 

2. Shut the cylinder valve on the LP gas tank.

3. Squirt the soapy solution along the gas supply hose and on all gas line connections.

4. Slowly open the cylinder valve on the LP gas tank.

5. Check the hose and all gas line connections for soap bubbles, which indicate that gas is leaking. 

If a leak appears during this test, shut the cylinder valve on the LP tank. Repair the leak or replace the leaking component before using the grill.

Why don’t gas grills have lava rocks anymore?

Most gas grills manufactured since 2005 now have metal distribution plates or flame tamers instead of lava rocks. The distribution plates cover and protect the gas burners in the firebox. Food drippings fall on the distribution plates and vaporize to add smoke flavor to the food.

Why won’t my gas grill get hot?

If the gas grill won’t heat up, check that the tank has fuel; a nearly empty tank won’t provide an adequate gas supply to the burners. 

If the fuel tank is full, reset the pressure regulator. Check the burners for clogs or deposits that could affect the flame. Clean the burners according to the guidelines in your owner’s manual. 

If the grill still won’t heat properly, replace the gas supply hose and regulator.

Which kind of grill is better, gas or charcoal?

Neither type of grill is better. Each type of grill has unique traits that may best fit your grilling preferences. 

A  gas grill is easier and quicker to start, and you can adjust the burners to control the heat. 

 Charcoal grills give more smoke flavor to the food being cooked. You can use different types of wood or charcoal to vary the smoke flavor in a charcoal grill. 

If you’re undecided, consider a hybrid combo grill that has a charcoal side and a gas side.

How do I prevent fire flare-ups on my gas grill?

To prevent fire flare-ups,  clean the grill regularly to prevent grease from building up in the firebox. When the grease residue in the firebox gets hot during cooking, the grease can ignite to cause large flare-ups. Follow the directions in your owner’s manual to clean the burner box and other grill components.

When cooking greasy meats, use an indirect grilling method to avoid flare-ups.

How can I tell how much propane is in the fuel tank?

To determine how much propane is left in the tank, weigh the tank on a bathroom scale. A propane tank usually weighs 17 or 18 pounds when empty—you can find the actual weight engraved beside the handle at the top of the tank, preceded by the letters TW. TW17 indicates that the tank weighs 17 pounds. A 20-pound capacity TW17 tank weighs 37 pounds when full. When the tank weighs 18 pounds, you have about 30 minutes of gas supply left in the tank.

If you don’t want to remove the tank from the grill, pour hot water down the side of your tank. Feel the side of the tank with your hand. The portion of the tank that stays warm is empty. The part of the tank that feels cool is full because the propane inside the tank absorbs the heat of the water.

What is an OPD valve on a gas grill?

An OPD (Overfill Protection Device) valve limits the fill level of the tank to 80% of its rated capacity, allowing room for the propane to expand safely in higher temperatures without releasing gas. As of 2002, all propane tanks sold or refilled must have an OPD valve.

How can I convert my LP grill to natural gas?

Check your owner’s manual. Not all grills can be converted from one gas source to the other. If the owner’s manual indicates that your grill can be converted, check the parts list in the manual for the part number for a conversion kit and then search for that part in the parts search box on the Sears PartsDirect website.

Symptoms for gas grills

Choose a symptom to see related gas grill repairs.

Main causes: damaged or dirty flame tamers, corroded firebox, accumulated grease and debris in the grease pan
Main causes: clogged burner tubes, cracked insulators on igniter electrodes, wiring failures, bad ignition module, manifold failure
Main causes: empty fuel tank, tripped flow-limiting device on the pressure regulator, faulty manifold valves, burner tubes not aligned
Main causes: nearly empty fuel tank, faulty pressure regulator, burner tube clogs, bad burner tube alignment to gas valves, manifold failure

Repair guides for gas grills

These step-by-step repair guides will help you safely fix what’s broken on your gas grill.

How to replace a gas grill wheel

Replace a broken or damaged wheel in less than 15 minutes.

Repair difficulty
Time required
 15 minutes or less
How to replace a gas grill igniter electrode

Replace the igniter electrode on your gas grill if it won’t light the burner.

Repair difficulty
Time required
 15 minutes or less
How to replace a gas grill ignition module

Follow these steps to replace the ignition module if it doesn't produce a spark.

Repair difficulty
Time required
 15 minutes or less

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